Riding Accessories

MOTO TECNICA provides large range of protective equipment to ensure our customers an enjoyable and safe riding experience. We have chosen to provide the best without compromise that’s why we supply Spidi, Five, Kabuto and Aroth accessories.


The motorcycle safety helmet manufacturer Locatelli S.p.A. was founded in 1986 in the lively heart of Bergamo’s Valleys. The company began life as a contractor for various established brands. 1997 was to mark a major turning point for the company.

Thanks to an impressive level of expertise, which included superior technical skills, a know-how that was second to none and the experience brought by years of hard, passionate work, Antonio Locatelli, the founder of the company that started from humble beginnings, was able to launch the company into the global market with a personal range of products. From that moment on, the company has signed its own collections with the Airoh trademark, a brand that in just a few years has grown to be one of the leading names in the world


The MOTORSPORT LIFESTYLE™ concept holds the SPIDI brand’s traditional mission. The steady effort in improving the quality of motorcycling is not limited to safety, comfort and ergonomy anymore. In the past, the success of a product was essentially bonded with its capacity to satisfy motorcyclists’ needs: protection against cold, rain, wearing, along with its handiness and functionality.

Nowadays, the same evolution of consumers’ society elevated individual expectations towards new kind of products whose essence is codified in the product/design/communication mix.


The hand is the most complex part of the human body – and also the hardest to protect. The hand contains the highest number of bones, joints, ligaments, and nerve endings in such a limited space. If you try not using your hand, even just for an hour, you soon realize how important it is in daily life. A hand injury can prove to be a serious disadvantage in motorbiking, including professionally. Would you be able to continue your activity with an injured, immobilized hand?

In biking, the hand is the most exposed member in the event of a fall. Our reflexes make us instinctively place our hands between us and any obstacle that comes along. We often put out a hand to save ourselves and soften the impact when we hit the ground. And even at low speeds, tarmac is rarely a welcoming surface.

When we are developing gloves, we take account of the specific characteristics of the hand — a member that is at one and the same time complex, fragile, and exposed. The degree of protection they offer proves systematically superior to the average for other commercially-available products. When you look at a FIVE glove, you will appreciate that each protective element, each material is positioned in strategic places so as to offer optimum protection.


OGK Kabuto (pronounced Ka-boo-tow) was founded in 1982 and is one of the leading Japanese helmet manufacturers. Originally a Kabuto was a helmet used by the well-known and respected elite class of Samurai fighters. Today Kabuto still stands for the same core values that applied in the past: strength, skills, and quality.

As one of the leading helmet manufacturers in Japan, these important values can be found in all our products today, although we believe that even the best can always be improved. This is the unwavering “Quality of Heart” in Kabuto craftsmanship.

Skilled and experienced people are involved and are also part of our family tradition which made us an independent and leading Japanese helmet manufacturer.